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Tax payers are paying for a pyramid scheme (Smyrna)

Pyramid scheme" tax payers have to pay
We the tax payers pay the police to keep us safe? The courts to find justice? And lawyers to stand up for the innocent? The probation officers to keep an eye on the guilty?
I have never been in trouble before. I recently had a teen vandalize my property. So I call the police a report was made .they catch the kid yay . The kid goes to court they find him guilty. He goes on probation. Come to find out as a victim you have to file a request for restitution. Never been in this situation before I didnt know so this kid has to pay court cost fines and tickets the officers have wrote he has a public defender that I pay for and and a payment plan to probation, everyone makes money ? But the victim that has already played for these services...
Were is the justice in this? As a minor in Rutherford county you can do no wrong they dont believe in punishment just a sturn voice "dont do it again" and when your 18 we will erase everything. How is that working out for you ? "Justic system" yes slot has to do with the home life.Sogs are alot like kids they just never grow up. So let's say you have a dog fighting ring that brief moment you get them out and then send them right back and expect a different outcome? I know people didnt get in there authority positions being that clueless. Ok so that leads us to so many kids in state custody the tax payers pay for . The adoption process is sooooo hard that people go out of the country to adopt. wow! Dont you think making adoption easier less kids in foster group homes would free up money spent on housing them you could have more agents to do more home visits?by my calculations paying to take care of one kid they can hire 3 agents if they could make it even a little reasonable that could mean less kids locked in cages malnourished and abused obvious the system is not working hello open your eyes.
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