Electric Truckster/Custom Built - $8,000 (East Nashville)

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20th near lillian

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vehicle type: side-by-side/utv
condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 128x48x70
The truckster was built by the Harley Davidson Racing Team as their track vehicle – delivering parts, tools, and people around the racetrack. The drive train was from an EZ-GO electric golf cart; the rest of the truckster is a 100% custom build from the frame up.

I acquired it about a year and a half ago. I swapped out the old golf cart batteries for a high-end LiFePO4 system – loads more power, zero maintenance, and will last for a decade. I also added a horn, turn signals, hazard lights, brake lights, seatbelts, etc. – everything needed to make it legal to drive on the street.

Technical Details:
– It’s a 36V EZGO TXT PDS system underneath the hood. All of the drivetrain parts are still available from EZGO and there is loads of info on the Internet on how to work on these
– Top speed is 19MPH
– It has 18″ x 9-10 tires. There is PLENTY of room to put bigger tires on it, which would increase the max speed
– It has a pretty sweet bluetooth stereo
– It is 48″ wide and 10’7″ long. Best guess is around 1200 pounds. It’s longer, heavier, and slightly taller than a golf cart.
-It has a 2″ ball hitch

Recent Upgrades:
– Electrical System: New LiFePo batteries (128AH at 42V from BigBattery.com), 2Gauge wiring upgrade, 30A-12V converter for accessories, 10A accessory plug, USB charger, custom-built Bluetooth audio system
– Traction/Suspension: Offroad tires (original racing slicks available if you want to change them back), rear wheel mounts and brakes, beefier coil-over springs
– Safety: Seatbelts, Oooga horn, rear view mirror, parking brake, slow moving vehicle sign, 2-person jump seat in the bed is easily removable
– Lights: headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights, bed work lights

I was using this mostly on my tree farm out near Watertown, TN – random tools in the back, driving across fields, etc. and it just made more sense to get a side-by-side.

The Good: It is super fun to drive and a real head turner. The stereo is awesome. It’s all electric and the battery lasts a long time. There is a state of charge indicator that tells you exactly how much battery charge is left. A 42V charger is included. It’s completely unique – there isn’t another one of these anywhere else in the world. You can fit an 85# dog in the front floor board between the legs of two adults. If you want the original racing tires and full windshield, I’ll throw those in too.

The Bad: It does not have power steering and can be a little hard to maneuver in really tight spaces; the turning radius is large. The suspension is a little bouncy – it’s fine on roads but driving offroad on a tree farm involves a lot of jiggle. There is a LOT of sheet metal and tends to rumble as you drive. The paint has some chips and dings.

Cash only. Local pickup/no delivery. No holds. FCFS.
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