Part Time Office Cleaning Gig Wanted (Murfreesboro)

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Hello. I'm an experienced janitorial/custodial cleaner with over 10 years experience. I currently work FT during the days and part time on weekends (few hours here). I'm looking for someone who may own or run a small office that is looking for someone to come in and clean it anywhere from 1x to up to 5 times a week (5x only if it's a smaller building and can be done in under 2 hours daily) and not mind paying cash or with a company check or even adding me onto a payroll at a mutually agreed upon salary. ***Note: I'm only interested in locations in the West Murfreesboro area due to time constraints. Zip codes such as 37127, 37128, 37129 and even Rockvale or Christiana***

I'm able to furnish most cleaning supplies and all you need to provide is disposables (trash bags, soap, hand towels and toiletries etc..). Since starting this part time work I managed to accumulate a vast assortment of necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to make my life easier doing these jobs after being told I was being placed in situations with everything I'd need just to find out there was nothing there to make my life easier. I'd like to carry on this way of working with your establishment.

Looking for something I can come in and clean after hours during the week or any time on weekends. I have a small window during the week that I can work as I'm in bed by 9;30pm each night so keep that in mind since most places will close around 5pm. It is imperative that I be done before 8:30pm (if during the week) and am able to get the building clean after hours that way I'm not having to work around staff or customers. Cleaning is best done with an empty and quiet environment!

I'm open to having a background check run on me and I'm willing to pay for it out of my wages just to prove that I'm an honest person. Just looking to make extra money as I'm still struggling even working 50 hours a week. Ideally I'm looking to work an extra 5-10 hours a week and make an additional $400-$600 a month just depending on the work situation and total hours. Obviously I'm not going to put in 40 hours a month for $400 since that'll work out to $10/hr but everything is up for discussion. Since I don't actually run my own business and therefore I'm not licensed and insured I'm more than happy to be placed on your payroll if that's possible. I'm open to any and all suggestions or opportunities as long as I'm being paid my worth.

Open to pay discussion but I'm not working for $10.00/$12.00/$14.00 etc an hour, especially if I'm using my own materials and equipment. I prefer to come to a monthly payment agreement if possible and get paid once a month or even bi-monthly. I'm willing and able to start pretty much ASAP!

Please e-mail me if interested in discussing my services and arranging a meeting with me. To show me you are in fact a real person/business please state to me the job you have available, it's location and projected days/hours to do it. I will NOT reply to you if all you say is something to the effect of "I have something for you, please get in touch with me if interested." I will NOT respond to that. You can also reach me by TEXT only at the number seen in a photo above.


P.S. Do NOT contact me if you don't have a position even remotely close to what I'm looking for. I'm NOT interested!!
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this poster.

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