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Oracle: Fraud, Perjury, Conspiracy, Spoliation, Obstruction

11 July 2021

California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ)
Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis
Child Abuse Central Index (CACI)
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870
USPS Certified mail # 7020 1290 0000 4080 6175

California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH)
2218 Kausen Drive, Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95758
USPS Certified Mail # 7020 1290 0000 4080 6151

To whom it may concern:

Previously, in February 2021, I wrote DOJ/CACI regarding the kidnapping of my daughter, under false color of authority, by Humboldt County Child Welfare Services and Humboldt County Superior Court personnel – most of whom, I observed, self-identified as Jewish. As do I.

In my letter, I suggested that this kidnapping was retaliation for a website I had created, wherein I described the consequences of having been falsely accused of being an anti-Semite – by people who did not know I was Jewish – and having my employment unlawfully terminated, at Oracle Corporation.

I am now writing to you regarding criminal events which happened in the past but which involve people who are to the best of my knowledge still alive – which events are still being actively cited, today, as authoritative, despite a total lack of evidence.

These events I describe below involve fraud, perjury, conspiracy, spoliation and obstruction, in San Mateo County, California.

Forced leave of absence

In July of 1991, I began working at Oracle Corporation as a UNIX systems analyst & administrator. I was almost immediately the target of character assassination [1] by someone whom, I have read on the Internet, is the subject of a Massachusetts court order forbidding him from being alone with minors.

This person – Barry Z. Shein [2] – told Oracle’s VP of Networking, Robert Miner, that I was an anti-Semite, and pressured Mr Miner to terminate me. Barry Shein then boasted to me, via email [3], that he had gotten me fired, and predicted that I would be terminated so quickly that I would never even see the email in which he claimed credit for the damage he had done [4].

VP Bob Miner attempted to order my termination but encountered pushback from my manager and my manager’s manager, who were very pleased with my work.

It was at this point that I discovered that everyone in this equation – Barry Shein ... Robert Miner, VP of Networking ... Steve Zoppi, the director of the MIS Department ... and my boss, Patricia McElroy, as well as the CEO, Larry Ellison ... were all somehow Jewish.

We will sidestep the statistical impossibility of four or five contiguous layers of management in a publicly traded corporation all being simultaneously Jewish without some sort of human intervention, and merely note that Steve Zoppi suspected that Barry Shein was a member of the Jewish Defense League and resisted being bullied into making employment decisions that placed the company at risk of legal action – something that his superior, VP Bob Miner, had failed to do, by the way.

But Bob Miner still wanted me eliminated from his organization. And so VP Bob waited for his chance. That opportunity came, just after Steve Zoppi left Oracle, to assume a similar position, at at Adobe.

A year later, in September, 1992 – right at the end of the Jewish calendar year, almost to the day (and a traditional time for ‘payback’) – I was accused [5], by a coworker, of sexually harassing her, via electronic mail.

The manager of Human Resources refused to investigate the matter. But my accuser continued her whispering campaign, for the next four months. These actions, in combination, were intended to distress me, and they did.

In January, 1993 I articulated the distress I was experiencing, to Human Resources, via email ... and I was ordered to take a medical leave of absence.

During this short period of time while I was on leave, my stepfather was killed by a car, in a crosswalk.

During this very short period of time while I was on leave and after my stepfather had just been killed, I was also the target of a request for a temporary restraining order, from my girlfriend of ten years’ acquaintance.

Based on information and belief, my girlfriend had been informed by my older brother – who was also an employee, at Oracle Corporation – that I had been accused, by Oracle, of sexually harassing a young woman, at work.

My older brother has never explained his role in these events and so there is every reason to suspect that he played a more active role than is generally acknowledged. His refusal to testify in the matter of the restraining order was a major cause of friction.

When I returned to work, one of the other managers tried to persuade me to just delete all of my emails.

When I read the emails in my queue, I discovered an electronic mail, from a manager – concerning computers that I was responsible for – which made a defamatory comment about my mental health.

This email had been sent out to everyone I worked with, by one of the Data Center managers.

I barely had time to reply to the email before I was summoned to meet with Michael Satterwhite, manager of Human Resources – who then terminated [6] me, for being unproductive during the previous two weeks that I had been, at his order, on medical leave ... and ordered me to leave the premises.

Of course, I sought out a lawyer. A friend, Paul Vixie, had a friend, Anne Mitchell, who was working as a paralegal for a law firm in San Mateo, called Viola & Knapp. I met with a member of the firm, and left my documents with them. I never got my documents back. Viola & Knapp did not return my calls. In retrospect, it is fair to say that the law firm actually stole all of my documentation.

Lacking evidence to the contrary, it seems likely that Viola & Knapp had an pre-existing arrangement of some sort, with San Mateo’s largest employer. Or maybe Viola & Knapp just threw my evidentiary materials away, because I now had a restraining order, and did not deserve legal representation.

Legal Conflict

I had no idea what to do.

The restraining order – FML-00005153, now reclassified, due to a change in nomenclature, as FDV-93- 005153 – was, and is, a pathetic work of fraud.

The description of events in the original Request actually contains two different and conflicting versions of events – neither one, true – one covered with whiteout and the other version typed over.

This is affirmed by a declaration [7] composed by a licensed lawyer and filed in a later hearing.

The court calendar for February 16, 1993 had my case highlighted with a pink marker. This is affirmed by a statement [8] drafted by my mother and also filed during a subsequent hearing in the matter.

The transcript of the conversation from the first hearing, in 1993, shows inconsistencies that suggest the transcript was edited after the hearing, as well.

And yet, thirty years later, people are still trying to use this court case against me, and citing it, as if it were factual. Because the California Superior Court says the facts are true ... even though they are not.

I mention this because Oracle Corporation has something of a track record of using restraining orders as weapons – ‘lawfare’ – to preemptively destroy the reputation of litigants against it.

I think that evidence will show, eventually, that this is exactly what happened in my case, as well – Oracle engineered the destruction of all my personal relationships with false allegations in order to set my family members and I all against one another. Which it did.

Eventually, I found the words to describe some of what had happened, and, eventually, I filed a complaint with the DFEH [9], and maybe the EEOC, too, and got letters permitting me to sue Oracle, under DFEH regulations.

I was too ashamed of the restraining order to tell anyone I was trying to get help from, that I had a restraining order, for fear they would shun me. And they did. Everyone turned away from me.

I eventually found a lawyer – Gerald Lynn Ross, of San Francisco – who was willing to represent me, in exchange for a hefty downpayment. We filed a lawsuit against Oracle. Several years had passed, but a psychiatrist had diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder, and so it was determined that I had filed within the statutory limitations, given my ostensibly temporary disability.

However, the lawsuit didn’t really go anywhere. We did a couple of expensive depositions, but nobody was talking, and Oracle’s Human Resources Department cheekily claimed that they could only find one or two sheets of paper in my personnel file, and that was all they turned over.

My personal intuition was that Oracle had assessed my lawyer’s needs ... found something they could do for him ... and traded that, for his agreement to prosecute my case as ineffectively as possible.

My lawyer had divulged to me, at one point, that he was an orphan, that he was actually German, and had been brought to the United States, after World War II, and raised, by Texans.

Then, he showed up at the office, one day, wearing lederhosen – I kid you not – and declared that, after half a century, he now knew who his parents were.

So my best guess is that Oracle tapped some international resources, pulled some strings, and helped my lawyer find his family. Or one just like it. The information was probably in an Oracle database.

But I have no proof. Just intuition, and the observation that my lawyer did a rotten job of prosecuting the case against Oracle.

In my lawyer’s defense, it seemed as if San Mateo Superior Court strongly favored Oracle Corporation. San Mateo Superior Court might have sanctioned us for something, at one point. Oracle frequently asked for sanctions, if I recall correctly.

New Evidence

After the lawsuit was dismissed, I was over at my mother’s house – and was surprised to see a computer printout on my mother’s bed, containing printed materials that I recognized as an electronic mail, composed by me, regarding Oracle Corporation.

My mother said she was holding it, for Thomas. She refused to let me copy it or examine it. She was upset that I had discovered it. She said, “You were not supposed to see that”.

I told Mr Ross about the discovery and he told me that he thought that my older brother might have been subpoenaed, in a separate matter, recently.

If this is true, then I think that my older brother was concealing these materials from discovery by the opposing party, whomever it was, by concealing the printed materials at our mother’s house, in San Francisco ... then, responding to the subpoena and affirming, under oath, that all materials in his custody had been turned over, in good faith. Is that even legal? It seems felonious in intent, to me.

(My older brother’s conduct cries out for additional scrutiny. He has a decades-long history of microdosing with cocaine, and is suspected of embezzling from my mother’s estate, over the fifteen years that he was conservator, as well as engineering my disinheritances – which resulted in his receiving an additional $400K, to augment the $400K he requested, and received, before Mom died.)

I had been appointed as a court-appointed foster parent for the City & County of San Francisco, and found myself fully occupied on my off hours, raising an angry BIPOC teenager and fighting off gangbangers who wanted to impregnate her and kill me.

When my foster daughter became pregnant, my older brother and his wife tried to persuade my mother that the child was mine. Our step-sister, visiting SF, persuaded my mom to buy my foster daughter a handbag, and come for a visit, to meet her future daughter-in-law. I don’t think they entirely believed me when I told them that I was not the father – but the relief was evident in my mother’s face.

As I have described elsewhere, these purloined materials eventually ended up in my possession [10]. But before I had time to inspect the materials, events intervened. Between 1999 and 2021, a series of unfortunate events occurred in Connecticut, leading to:

• My mother burgling my grandmother’s safe, stealing her will, and the deed to her house
• My grandmother’s death, after she discovered her empty safe, and fell dead from shock
• My mother’s eviction of my family, in San Francisco, during the ensuing conflict
• A lack of continuous employment during the collapse of the dot com industry, after 2001
• A series of subsequent evictions as a result of ongoing unemployment, and abandonment
• An infestation of bedbugs, and mold, from low-income housing in Humboldt County
• Our oldest daughter’s repeated hospitalizations, at taxpayer expense, due to depression
• Humboldt County Child Welfare Services’ attempts to kidnap all four children (JV160250)
• My mother’s death after fifteen years of refusing to communicate with us
• A behind-the-scenes dismantling of my trusteeship, without any notification
• My younger brother’s suspicious death shortly after inheriting $200,000
• Not one, not two, but THREE disinheritances, all of them in Thomas’ favor

Each of these is the subject of many pages of text and in the interests of completing this letter I am going to skip all that, but, rest assured, more information is available for each of these line items.

Most of these events injured not just I, my wife, and my daughters ... but also cost San Francisco County, Humboldt County, and the State of California hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs, law enforcement costs, medical costs, financial aid, and quarter of a century of lost tax revenues.

Lacking evidence to the contrary, I think my mother’s behavior might have been inspired, in part, by seeing how Oracle Corporation got away with white collar crime so easily. Nobody cares. Those whom do care, end up unemployed, homeless, and dead. ‘Better to not make waves.’ ‘Don’t rock the boat.’

In August 2020, as noted above, my younger brother was found dead in suspicious circumstances. Fentanyl is suspected. As is murder. As his closest living relative, I received all of my late brother’s possessions, and was tasked with organizing or disposing of them.

In May, 2021, while making room in a filing cabinet for my younger brother’s papers, I discovered the computer printout described above, where I had concealed it, when we had been evicted and I had been forced to hurriedly move our possessions elsewhere.

In June, 2021, I began to examine the printout in detail. The printout is 134 contiguous pages long. The contents are not arranged chronologically. I made several efforts to make sense of the contents but I was not successful.

Because I anticipate turning these 134 pages over to some higher authority, such as the California Department of Justice, or San Mateo Superior Court, or perhaps a private lawyer’s custody, I began my analysis by scanning each of the 134 pages, to preserve their contents against damage or destruction.

After I scanned all 134 pages I aligned the text and subjected each page to enhancement algorithms to darken the faded ink from the dot matrix printer that had been used to print the document, and to lighten the background, so as to increase legibility.

I then entered some of the attributes of each page into a spreadsheet.

I determined from my first analysis that because there were between zero and three different email headers and corresponding email messages on any given printed page, that my focus needed to be on messages rather than printed pages.

So I created a second tab in my spreadsheet, inventoried the 134 pages again, and documented the attributes of each electronic mail header – date, sender, recipient, subject, and starting page. This took a week or two.

I then copied the contents of the second tab to a third tab, and sorted the contents, not by page of occurrence, but by date of occurrence.

After I did these three analyses, everything became much clearer.

By sorting the 134 pages of emails by date of occurrence, I discovered the following:

• 22 Jul 1991: On page 1 is the original offer letter [11]
• 14 Jan 1993: Jumping to page 21, we find the ‘forced leave of absence’ [12]
• 25 Jan 1993: Jumping to page 46, we see Ms Mabon’s “death or insanity” email [13]
• 08 Feb 1993: Jumping back to page 42, we see HR changing its mind
• 09 Feb 1993: Jumping now to page 47, 48 and 49, we see my reply to Pam’s email [14]
• 15 Feb 1993: Jumping to page 45, we see a summary of everything that happened

Each of these items is evidence, in Childers v Oracle – electronic mails from people employed by Oracle during the period under question – that was not shared during the discovery phase of the trial.

These emails were not shared – they were actively concealed from the court. By both Oracle Corporation’s employees, and by my own brother, Thomas Childers, a former Oracle employee.

Based on information and belief, the existence of the second, third, fourth, and fifth items of evidence, referenced above, suggest that Oracle Corporation’s Legal Department engaged in felony-level fraud, perjury, conspiracy, spoliation, and obstruction.

But I’m not done. I’m just starting. There is more.

[7]Exhibit 5; see pages 22-27
[8]Exhibit 6; see pages 28-30
[11]Exhibit 1; see page 16
[12]Exhibit 2; see page 17
[13]Exhibit 3; see page 18
[14]Exhibit 4; see pages 19-21

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