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-------"AOA"(Active Open Architectural) Ultimate Resolution studio music/audio monitoring "System"
the future of studio music-audio monitoring has arrived!

No matter the size/status of your studio whether you're a home or a struggling commercial studio you can now afford what everyone creating music in the studio is going to eventually want to do ALL their critical audio production work from in their studio..the next generation of professional studio monitors and it can be yours!
An "AOA" Ultimate Resolution monitoring system will or should greatly help out to: increase your studio business, your mixes be much better or perfect and even help your understanding of signal flow(acoustically and electronically) better within a comprehensive high definition/Ultimate Resolution studio speaker monitoring system. (No going back to conventional studio monitor methodology and of any other brand once you work with and experience all the benefits of a music monitoring 'system' like this!)
You'll be able to hear deep into your mix like you never thought possible and with the system virtually doing self room calibraton for your particular control room you'll be able to feel confident your mixes areperfectly accurate for both balancing and tonal settings etc. (Yes, even the effects you use will now sound more amazing as well as spacial stereo perception!) They are tried and true..tested with picky clients who know the sound of a great mix!

The main studio monitoring system is a top priority critical piece of gear for greatness in any studio. And this "system" that has no equal consists of much much more than just two specially built speaker cabinets! This is a single upgradeable... "system" ...that works to create(or re-create) music like no other can achieve.
No more having to buy or upgrade to other monitors ever again!
Don't like low end speaker bottom out even on loud digital drum kit sounds? won't get that with a system like this!...Don't like muddy mids?..will never happen with this system unless you desire that sound. . .Like super crisp clean sound but with flat response transducers, accurate, transparent highs on the top end with ultimate stereo pinpoint separation? You'll get that.. You want LOUD ..but extremely clean and deep...this system delivers big time! And with a conservative reasonably sized cabinet and weight of no more than 80 lbs(or a lot less depending on your selected model) per cabinet they are manageable to place or be put on their roll around or "One-Point Hang" stands. Cabinets can either be built for soffit front loading or bi-polar low end format.

Wouldn't you love to have a monitor system where you could always upgrade the transducers (and any other component) as scientists come out with better materials and transducers? You'll have that and lots more with a system like this!! Now you ask, "But will it have a 'Flat' frequency response?." It can be as flat or non-linear as you the engineer wants it to be because you'll have total 100% control over the sound for the room it's set up in and the monitor system in general. All of this combined in a reference monitoring system is just Awesome ...and to experience this systems is crazy good and addictive!...and no other studio in the world has a system like this currently.
Status Quo can work against professional recording engineers/studio owners in some monitoring is one of them.
"AOA"(Active Open Architectural) Ultimate Resolution studio reference monitor 'system' , the newest, greatest way for the ultimate in recording studio ref. monitoring and even for extreme serious home audiophile music listening. awesome and so affordable even to the small project home studio owner! ..

As I did, you will most likely find it impossible or be motivated for you to want to monitor, mix and/or master on ANY other high end studio reference monitors after you have worked with an "AOA" Ultimate Resolution reference studio monitoring 'system'. (I designed and sell the knowledge w/ full tech support for those who prefer to build it themselves and save even yet a lot more money! )

(NOTE: This is an open architecture component intensive system. So until I am able to ship all or part of this system out you will have to (with my guidance) do minor assembly for part of the system(Speaker cabinets(factory pre-made rounded to back beautiful cherry veneer over MDF) with transducer installation, the interconnect wiring/Electronics, of the 'system' )...But, with my guidance and tech support to you in putting it all together you will "win" quickly. In this new and best way of ultimate studio monitoring of course you will most likely see or should see an improvement in people wanting to record at your studio business, obtain better sounding mixes and just simply enjoy to the fullest the sonics of the music you're listening to for sure. You will have the technical control on all fronts to ...make...and have your mixes translate great on all different music playback systems and sound perfect for the genre of music you're working with and the room it's all played in. You'll find that you won't even have to rely on using a PINK NOISE Mix with a system like this because of the extreme resolution on all frequencies you'll be hearing. If you must have the best...this is it!

To find out how to get this system in your studio asap or talk with me in general about this system knowing you're interested in acquiring it feel free to call my office/studio at show contact info anytime after 12noon.

-------------------------------------------------------------"AOA" --------------------------------------------------------------
(Active Open Architectural) Ultimate Resolution Monitoring,
the FUTURE and finale to all studio music/audio monitoring of the highest!

Doug Courtney - Audio/Recording Engineer/Producer,musician,Studio designer
Ultimate Sonics Recording & Music Production
Designer/builder of the "AOA" Ultimate Resolution Studio Monitor System
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