Vocalist wanted for new all original Duo Band! (Fairview)

Hello wonderful people of the world! We are Sightless Slumber. We are new and still not known by many people. But that is a whole other topic of discussion (I already have marketing plans and ways to get our name out there) But before I can get our name out there, we are missing the key to our puzzle. We need a vocalist!

The band or "duo" consists of just me and my best friend. We are both from TN and grew up here, have been friends for at least 15 or so years. We are very close and click together, especially in music. We both have been playing for a really long time. So we can take care of producing whole songs, recording instruments, etc. We both recently invested in recording equipment that I have setup at my home in Fairview.

So all we need is someone to sing over our tracks for us! That's all you have to do. You would also have to be good with coming up with lyrics as we are new to writing words for songs. But we can all collab on the lyrics ideally, we both want some messages/vibes conveyed in our songs. But if you're good enough on your own and we like it then we'll just let you roll with it and do the word magic. We don't really do cover songs as a lot of people like to do. We are all original.

I already have the full setup as mentioned, so we have a microphone already!

Please reach out and send us an email. If you have voice tracks then we would like to hear them, or you could maybe come audition for us in person. Or ideally, maybe send us a clip of you singing over some of our songs (without stealing our music of course, which is copyrighted fyi)

Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEe-Q190iYIm2p6B_-YVIfg
Or just search @SightlessSlumber
Feel free to subscribe, we would appreciate it. We also have a FB page.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing what beautiful voices are out there!

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