Pro Guitar Instruction Vinyl , DVD, DVD, TV, Education - $20 (Live, online or a combination)

Are you ready to sharpen up your guitar and business skills so you can work more?

Can you walk in to any audition with exactly the right skills to get the gig?
Can you nail your tracks the first time when you get a session?
Can you do what is required of any gig?
Do you know how to find work other than reading Craigslist, Facebook, or local ads?
If you have a day job, do you know how to get a tax refund from your music career?
Do you know how to get the same sounds in a large venue that you get in a club?
Can you sight read if that is what is required?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, I can help. There is only one reason musicians don't work: You need ALL of the right skills.

“Best new guitarist in a decade”-- Rolling Stone Magazine (a long time ago)

"New York Guitar Guru" -- The Village Voice

Whether you need to improve your rock and blues soloing, understand real jazz improvisation, play classical, develop right hand technique or fingerpicking, learn more practical theory, need to work on sounds, or just want to develop new styles of playing I offer the skills required of professional guitarists. You have to be ready with the right skill set for any gig you find.

I started teaching as the Syracuse University referral guitar instructor when I was a student in their music program greater than 35 years ago, I now teach one day each week because I enjoy it (obviously I don’t have to do this for money, that would be sad).

Music is hands on. Quality performing and recording experience are the most basic requirements of any music teacher for translating musicianship into practical and marketable skills. Moreover, as a music attorney, music industry professor, and agent (after an accident that didn't allow me to play for a while) at a major NYC talent agency, I can teach the business skills to be a full-time working musician.


Performing and recording credits as the guitarist and/or musical director with greater than Gold and Platinum award winning household name rock, r&b, and blues musical artists ranging from Paul Schaffer, Ben E. King, The Hollies, Foghat, to Joe Cocker headlining everywhere from Entertainment Tonight, HBO, USA Network, VH-1 to Madison Square Garden to PBS or the Time-Life Video Series.


Four years traditional music school (Classical Guitar Performance: Syracuse University, I was also the referral guitar instructor for non-guitar majors while a student).

Special Studies Program at Berklee College of Music, and private lessons with top jazz guitarists including Sal Salvador and Jack Wilkins (not to mention what I learned from classical guitarist Elliot Fisk).

Full-time Professional Player (telephone to ask where you can come see me perform any week, where I do sessions, find out what cds and videos to purchase at your local stores).

I have taught at twelve major Universities and colleges including the State University of New York, Syracuse University, Volunteer State CC, University of California, and Fullerton College, including several Music Industry courses when my schedule permitted.

Reasonable rates without any hidden fees. I provide all of your materials for free including top quality instruments for you to play during your lesson.

Just call me at 1-877-JOEYSIX (NO TEXT AVAILABLE) OR show contact info


Partial and Random List of Live and/or Recording Credits with greater than 40 gold/platinum artists including some oldies acts that had their biggest success in the late 1980s, which is when I played with them: I am not oldies oriented but these were very god paying gigs. I was frequently the musical director as well as the guitarist for many of these acts.

Paul Shaffer
Joe Cocker
Ben E. King
Vicki Sue Robinson
Bonnie Forman
Wrecia Ford
Mary Wells
Bo Diddley
Sonny Rhodes
The Hollies
Chuck Berry
Little Anthony
Martha & the Vandellas
Del Shannon

Other Notable Venues:
Entertainment Tonight
Time Life Video
Madison Square Garden
Boston Pops
Hartford Civic Center
America West Arena
High Desert Festival Video
New York City Town Hall Video
Nashville Star
USA Network
Johnathan Demme Films

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