Christian female looking for christian female roommate

Hello, my name is Abby. I'm in my late 20's. I'm looking for a christian female roommate to find a place with.

-I'd like a roommate because it broadens renting options into my price range (hoping to spend no more than $1000/month personally, and there's very few decent places for a person living by themselves).
-I'd like a christian roommate because there's a lot more mutually shared motivations in regards to respecting shared space and what our time is filled up with. I've done the drinking and the drugs. I'm not judging anyone for doing that or wanting it. I just know that for me to be my healthiest and wisest self I need to not numb my emotions, and I'd like to be in a living environment where my roommate is also trying to not numb themselves, trying to pursue living fully and honestly and encouraging the same in me. I understand if that is something not everyone is interested in.

My budget is $1000/mo. I have a well behaved dog. I like cooking and sharing food that I cook. I like keeping an orderly space. I like hosting people. I like being outdoors and going on adventures with my dog. I have a whole collection of random interests and I'm trying to learn how to make more time in my life to make them into hobbies.

If you think we might be a good fit, or have any questions or suggestions, hit me up!

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