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Therapy Massage Cervical Spine Lumbar Traction Table Stretching Disc - $150

Professional Therapy Massage Bed Cervical and Lumbar Traction Table Bed Stretching Device Body Stretching Treatment for Lumbar Spine Cervical Discomfort Lumbar Disc Herniation, Device for Cervical Lumbar Fatigue And Minor Injuries


This product uses the rack and pinion structure, the use of human muscle elasticity generated by the force, to achieve the role of traction therapy to facilitate patients in the family, office, and other occasions, self-traction therapy, the working principle for the effective reduction of spinal joints of the pressure, so that the full compression part of the amendment is conducive to the protrusion of the return, often used to make lumbar fatigue and minor injuries lumbar vertebra disease can be timely rehabilitation, prevention and reduce the incidence of lumbar disease.


- One machine can be used for neck & lumbar traction, cervical traction with a professional traction angle, traction handle and body integration, storage more convenient.

- Straightening and straightening and bending the spine, sooth and tighten the nerves, and help to relieve the pain of neck, shoulder, waist and leg joint.

- Lift the growth and development of the human body through the straight traction drawing, and help the bone expand the growth space and break the height limit.

- Lengthwise the bones, help the body to recover and erect, beautify the legs, keep using, and maintain the perfect curves. Easy to use, reliable wall placement when idle, not taking up space.

- Drawing with itself can bear strength for the principle, don't make too much in order to quickly get the effect drawing, if there is joint discomfort when using phenomenon, should stop using for a few days and suggested to reduce the strength of using.

- The traction function of this machine is designed to be used by users for a long time. It is necessary to achieve good health care and height effect. Do not overuse


Overall dimensions: L:1450-1650mm,W:36+-2mm,H:45+-2mm

Traction travel: 145-190mm

Traction: Neck / 200N; Waist: / 800N

C1:Suitable for slim people use

C2:Suitable for partial fat crowd

C3:Self-adhesive thicker traction belt, suitable for partial fat crowd. This belt is more easy to wear.


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