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I know people have needs, I see it all the time. Who I am looking for is someone who may the funds to help me. Someone who would like to be appreciated for caring about my concerns. See, I would like help with allot of things. To be debt free. To be able to help others in need, and do more animal rescues.

I'll tell you honestly about me. I am a happily married middle aged woman who loves her hard working husband. We couldn't have children, so we have no legal heirs. I believe my lot in life is to help others, and to rescues and care for animals.

I don't like to mention it but I spend allot of our money on others, and animals. We could have been debt free, or at least close, and maybe saved money. But God is always putting people across my path that need help, or animals that need help. Or people who love animals and I can bring the love of an animal to people who need an pet's love as well. There is always a need.

But also, I know there are people who have more than enough money, or who may not have anyone, and are lonely and needing a purpose in life. Maybe your purpose is to help someone. Maybe your purpose is to help me. But, it wouldn't be just helping me.

I'll break it down for you. Say if someone were generous enough to pay off my debt, I could in return use the money I would be using on payments to help others in need, and be able to rescue and help more animals.

Right now, we are not only carrying our mortgage, but the mortgage of my handicapped sister in law who has cerebral palsy. Also I bought a mobile home for someone who needed a second chance and is doing well and being sober, working and restarting his future.
I've helped homeless, and when I see hitchhikers hungry and beaten down, I've rented motel rooms for them so they could get rest and take a shower, and bought them food. People are so afraid to help much anymore, but I'm not the kind who sees someone in need and not help if I'm able to. Just think, if everyone helped each other, no one would be in need.

I also do lots of rescues of any kind of animal that needs help, wild or domestic. all life is precious, and I really don't understand how people are not outraged with the killing of babies, also known as abortion.

But anyway, animals I pick up need vet care, and though I've been doing it so long and do most things myself, I have to depend on the vets help allot. No one donates money to me. I don't have partners who pay for things. It comes out of my pocket. And people say, why do you do that. Well, it brings me joy to help them. For example, some people are disabled or elderly on a fixed, meager income and having a pet is a loving companion that fills their life with a reason to get up in the morning. But they can't afford to buy a pet, or care for the pet on the money they have. So through me rescuing I can get them a pet, and vet it myself, and I have paid for surgeries many surgeries and treatments they can't afford, just so they can keep their pets.

I've taken in people's beloved pets who were too sick to keep them and didn't want them to go to kill shelters. And I've had 2 of those people to pass away recently in the nursing homes they had to go to when they got sick, but they had one less worry knowing that the pets they loved so much were taken good care of. One of the people's pets came with a menu of different kinds of food they fed them on different days of the week. So tell me their pets weren't loved.

I get calls from all over to come rescue all kinds of animals. Bob cats, foxes, opossums, birds, horses, donkeys, all kinds but especially dogs and cats. I picked up 9 puppies today. It costs allot of money doing this, but the feeling I get in my heart, it's worth it.

I'm not trying to rip anyone off. I'm being out front in hopes there is one person, or even maybe a few people who would love to help many people and animals, but don't have time, or connections, or ability to do these things. And answering the call to help me, will be helping all these people and animals that cross my path. We are getting older, and my husband is going to be 60 his birthday. I just wish we didn't have the debt, to ease his mind, and be able to help even more people and animals have a better life.

I think there are probably at least a few people who have a bank account with more than they'll ever need. Maybe someone who has no family who they can leave it to, or someone with a great big heart. I don't have anyone that's going to leave me lots of money. We always seem to have enough to pay our bills, but not extra to whittle down the debt I've created by spending on the things I deem more important, like helping people and animals. I may not get one reply, but I will never know if I never ask.

If you could help with any of this, you would be a blessing to many. And I promise, it would be greatly appreciated.

It's a big leap, but I will list my debt and you can do whatever is in your heart, I've never really had anyone to help me, and I don't like asking. I don't want to harm anyone, just asking from your excess.

I'm not posting my personal info to the public, but if you email me, I'll tell you what you want to know. Allot of people are so mean any more and always try and twist things around.

Rounding up to nearest $100
Our mortgage $58,400
Handicap person's mortgage in our name. $32,300
Second chance person's mortgage in our name $ 4,800
Loan for Husband's car and to pay off other bills $18,000
Tractor, need a tractor for the farm and rescue horse/donkeys $17,600
New car to drive for Uber, $16, 100
Just to mention this, we don't usually buy new cars, but we've spent enough to buy new cars in just the past few years on used cars that were nothing but trouble. And I'm going to start driving for Uber or Lyft to create income. Because of migraines, I haven't been able to work 40 hour jobs, and with this, I can work when I'm migraine free.

That's allot of money for us, and for most people, but for someone, that may not be much at all by their bank account measurement.
I know there are allot of people with great big hearts that may want to help, so If you even sent enough for a bag of dog food, you would be a blessing.

It would be awesome if someone paid all our debt, what a relief, and we would be able to use our money to help so many more. Well, you would be helping so many more. It may be just a dream. But sometimes dreams do come true. We live in South Central Kentucky.

Thank you !!
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